Grafham Water week ending 3 March

3 years ago

Week ending 3 March

Opening day

Grafham was certainly busier today, Friday 1 March, than it was for last year's open day when we had several feet of snow on the ground!  For many though today it didn't disappoint, with several happy anglers sharing their success back at the lodge.

With much of the early stocking taking place on the south shore it shouldn't have been a surprise that there were several big bags of fish caught from the lodge frontage all the way along to Plummers, where anglers reported that fish were relatively close in. In the case of Plummers no wading was required with fish caught tight to the bank.

Where some anglers on the south shore reported double figure bags, anglers bank fishing the north shore perhaps had to work a little harder. Fish were caught from Pig Bay along to the north end of the dam. However, the Willows produced double figure bags and was a popular area amongst bank anglers.

Boats similarly caught in front of the lodge, by Q buoy and along the north shore, catching on anything from a Di3 to Di7.

The bragging rights for biggest fish and New Lodge Trophy went to Bob Clark who took a 3lb 6oz rainbow. Runner up was Dayood Sheik who took a 3lb 1oz rainbow, but was just pipped at the post with a last minute weigh-in by Bob!



Opening weekend

Since opening day we have had some really strong south westerly winds and these have effected the number of anglers (both bank and boat) we have had over the weekend.  Bank anglers have tucked themselves in on the south shore and fished anywhere from the lodge frontage to Plummer, with the strong winds preventing anyone fishing the north shore or the dam.  Bank anglers continue to have success on black and green lures, damsels and blobs, fishing a floater down to an intermediate.  Fish are still shoaled up tightly, so if you are not catching, keep on the move, as even a modest move of a few metres up and down the bank can make all the difference.

Forthcoming events

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