Grafham Water week ending 2nd June 2024

2 weeks ago

Rod average - 3.0

Despite a mixed bag of weather conditions the fish have been staying very high up in the water with many anglers catching in the top foot or two of water.  Fish are being caught on damsels, fabs, buzzers , dial bachs and shrimp imitations, on midge tips and floating lines.  Dries have also been catching whilst conditions allow. The best area has been Gaynes cove, but fish can be picked off whilst exploring the south and north shores, with the water staying clear throughout.

This week we hosted an Airflo open heat.  Despite a strong northerly wind and a disappointing temperature of 13 C, the rod average was an impressive 8.2 per angler.  Practice on Friday had been restricted by even stronger winds.  

When the match started virtually all the boats opted to drift onto the south shore and fish were being landed within the first few minutes.  The match was won by the local Reservoir Dogs team who will be joined in the final by the Aquaholics and Ospreys.  

Top rod on the day was a member of the Reservoir Dogs who had 12 fish just after 12 o’clock.  He had a dynamic start, hooking 3 fish on his first cast but ended up losing all 3 along with his whole leader.  

Fish were found in the top couple of feet of the water and were caught all the way along the south shore from Valley Creek to the Dam mostly to boobies, fabs and cormorants.  A few anglers switched to the more sheltered areas along the north shore and found fish using more imitative patterns.   

The match coincided with the first day of the wild water swimming which takes place on Saturday afternoons in the area between the lodge and valley creek.

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