Grafham Water week ending 29 April

6 months ago

Fish 486 (Season 1,715) Returns 84 (364) Rod average 5.22 (4.71)

Grafham continues to fish well with a rod average of 5.2 despite the inclement weather.

Some good fish have been showing again this week with nearly 50% of those taken weighing in at over 3lb including some fantastic rainbows and huge browns. Mr Kornitsky and Mr Broothall share the top weight for the biggest Rainbow at 4lb 8oz.  There have been good sized browns as well – Mr Philips took a good specimen of 6lb 2oz with the fish of the week weighing in at a whopping 6lb 5oz. This fantastic fish fell to Jim Foster and was landed at the dam from a boat with a buzzer. Jim had a fantastic day and went on to take another 14 fish to his boat. He noted that the fish were in the top five feet of water at the start of the day and then began to move deeper in the afternoon.

Fish seem to be up and down in the water column with feed items including buzzer, daphnia, shrimp and snail, many are moving closer to the banks, particularly in the bays.

Boat fishing has been good again with some anglers producing very large bags of fish, even in the current conditions. Most, due to the wind, have fished the north shoreline before drifting into deeper water. Good areas to try this week include G buoy, off Marlow banks, the Willows, the bowl and the mouth of the nature reserve, with Perry Point and the Seat seeing fish as well. Many are fishing floating lines with buzzer for the best results, with black, black and green and black and white colours popular.

The banks are fishing very similar to last week with fish being caught along the dam and many of the bays and points on the north shore. Though as the wind changes you may find more fish around the south shoreline with the Seat, Plummer and the Harbour Arms likely to fish well. The bank anglers are producing on floating lines coupled with diawl bach and buzzer, or intermediate lines with cormorant, boobies, blobs and mini snakes.

Competition news

On Saturday 28 April we hosted the GWFFA Club bank match. It’s always a pleasure to host these guys, a great bunch of anglers with some quality results in wintry conditions. Martin Brocklebank has kindly reported as follows

Nine GWFFA club members fished their first bank match of the season at Grafham Water. Due to a cold Northerly wind and low temperatures most anglers opted for the deeper water and shelter at the North end of the dam. Although a truly miserable day, some good bags of fish were taken on cats whisker and black and green boobies fished deep. A  few fish were also taken close to The Willows on green and black buzzer. The fish were in fantastic condition with several 3lb plus fish being caught. Anglers reported fish contained shrimp, buzzer and some daphnia.
36 fish were netted giving a rod average of 4. The best rainbow fell to David Spall, a lovely fish of 3lb 7oz. The best brown was 3lb 4oz caught by Martin Brocklebank.”

1st   Derek Bravington 8 fish for 19lb 3oz.
2nd  Martin Brocklebank 7 fish for 18lb 3oz.
3rd  John Vincent 5 fish for 12lb 12oz.


Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow: Mr Broothall and Mr Kornitsky each took a 4lb 8oz  specimen.

Best Brown: 6lb 5oz taken by Jim Foster.

Best boat areas: North shore bays, the bowl, Willows, Pig Bay, Hill Farm, Church Bay, Rainbow Point and Savages.

Best bank areas: North shore, Pylon, Deep Water Point, hill Farm, Pig Bay, South dam and the Willows, Harbour Arms.

Best methods: See report.

Mid week boat winner: Mr C Honan of Bedford.

Forthcoming events

Floating Line (by invitation) 5 May
Scierra Pairs 12 May
Invicta Pilgrimage (invitation) 24 & 25 May
EFFA ProAm 14 June
AWAI Midland heat 16 June
AWAI Southern final 9 July
AWAI Midland final 23 July

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