Grafham Water week ending 28 April

3 years ago

Fish Season 3,240 Returns 565 Rod average 5.73

Grafham Water has continued to fish well this week despite the cold windy conditions.

Martin Brocklebank fished midweek on a boat near deep water point. Martin and his boat partner had about 30 fish on buzzer and some shrimp fished on floating lines with long leaders. The better over wintered fish contained large amounts of shrimp. The fish are in superb condition.

As last week the boat anglers continue to have the best of the fishing. Buzzers fished deep on the bung or a midge tip have done well in the calmer conditions while a Di3 or Di5 with Fabs and blobs and a couple of nymphs on the middle droppers have scored well in the windier conditions. The north shore continues to be the most productive boat area with large shoals of stock fish visiting all the points along the north shore throughout the day. Hedge End seems to be holding more than the other points and double figure bags are possible.

If we have calmer conditions during the week expect to find better fish out in the middle up in the water, particularly around M buoy.

Bank anglers are faring less well with the fish mostly holding out of casting range. They can be contacted early and late in the day where you have access to deeper water – the harbour arms, Marlow Stones, the bowl of the dam and the western side of G marker will be places to target.

Buzzer fished static or a damsel and diawl bachs on a slow figure of eight should produce. A cats whisker or a Pitsford Pea on a Di3 will also take fish.

GWFFA 1st Bank Match. Saturday 20th April.
8 club anglers fished the first bank match with most opting for the bowl on the dam wall due to bright sunshine. There were fish there and a few were caught. Martin Brocklebank fished a midge tip line with a team of size ten green and black buzzers to catch eight fish. The fish were a long way out and deep. The fish wanted the buzzers fished as slow as possible.  Other anglers caught on diawl bach and bobbies. The fish had been feeding on buzzer, some daphnia and a few shrimp. Steve Cracknell had caught some fish by the lodge early morning before the wind made it difficult to fish. 24 fish were caught with a rod average of 3. 

1st   Martin Brocklebank. 8 fish for 17lb 1oz.
2nd  Steve Cracknell. 4 fish for 8lb 12oz.
3rd  Derek Bravington. 4 fish for 6lb 13oz. 

The Invicta Fly Fishing Club’s Tuesday Evening League starts at Grafham on Tuesday 14 May. Scoring will be on numbers caught, with the best 10 results to count. Start time is 5.30 pm. Draw for boat partners will take place at approx 5.15 pm and where possible less experienced fishermen will be teamed up with experienced anglers.  We go to the Wheatsheaf  in Perry after fishing for a drink and sandwiches and chips.

The aim of the series is to have some pleasant summer evenings fishing at Grafham (weather permitting!), also to give those who have done a fly fishing course the opportunity to gain some experience.  Further information from Paul Stevens email

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 3lb 4oz taken by A Anderson.

Best Brown: 5lb 4oz taken by P Swain.

Best boat areas: North shore, all headlands, north end of the Dam, the Seat.

Best bank areas: Harbour Arms, Marlow Stones, the Dam (particularly the bowl), G mark.

Mid week boat winner: R Hurren of Godmanchester.

Forthcoming events

England Qualifier 3 May

Snowbee Floating Line 4 May

Home International 7-10 May

Invicta Pilgrimage 23 & 24 May

EFFA ProAm 20 June

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 22 June

Beginners courses: 5,19,26 & 31 May; 6,15,23 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 13 & 27 May; 4 & 11 June and other dates throughout the season.

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