Grafham Water week ending 26 September

2 months ago

Fish week 217 Returns 87 Rod average 2.5

Grafham has started to turn the corner with fishing improving as the week has gone on. 

The rod average of 2.5 reflects some tough days early in the week with bright sunshine making the fishing difficult. As the weather has begun to cool with a bit more cloud cover things are improving. 

There are quite a few shrimp feeding trout coming out at last for both bank and boat anglers as well as trout coming to fry patterns and snakes. 

The best boat areas are pretty much all over with shrimp feeders close in at all the rocky points along the north shore as well as in Gaynes Cove. There are fry feeders all along the north shore taking snakes retrieved dead slow about 100 to 150 yards out and the same method working is right out in the middle on a Di 3.  

Washing line tactics are also working with a Fab on the top dropper, a small lure or booby on the point and your choice of nymph on the middle dropper(s). 

There are also fish coming from Sailing Club Bay and the Seat. Don’t forget the daddies as well on overcast days, either dry or slowly retrieved just sub surface. There are also fish rammed full of snails in Church Hill Bay. 

The best advice is to keep mobile until you find a method and area that suits you. 

Bank fishing is picking up as well with the points along the north shore beginning to show with shrimp feeders, in particular ‘G’ and Hedge End. The dam continues to be inconsistent with good days and bad days! There do seem to be more good days than bad as the week has progressed. All methods have been working here with shrimp, snakes and washing line all accounting for fish. 

Predator wise – Grafham has excelled again which is reflected in the high number of predator boat bookings. Although accurate information is notoriously hard to pin down there have been a number of mid 20lb pike and numerous low double zander being reported. The perch however have been a bit more elusive this week. 

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