Grafham Water week ending 24 October

1 month ago

Fish week  296 Returns 61 Rod average 4.9 

Grafham continues to fish well with little change from last week. The rod average has risen slightly from last week and now stands at 4.9 and will probably continue to rise over the coming weeks as the trout get fixated on the shrimp and fry. 

Tactics for boat and bank anglers also continue to be very similar with a choice of attack; either washing line with FAB/booby on the point and shrimp or diawl bach up the line, or alternatively, fry patterns or snakes on anything from a floater down to a Di3 or Di5.  Vary your retrieve as on some days the fish want it ripped back as fast as possible and some days static to slow figure of eight. 

Most of the trout are feeding very close in to the margins so don't go rushing in to wade up to your waist (you should only be wading to thigh depth) as you will spook the fish that are feeding only feet from the edge. The best areas for boat and bank are G, the Willows, Deep Water Point and the Seat. The dam is a bit unpredictable with good days and bad days, the reason for this is a mystery. 

Predator fishing must be going well as there are a lot of bookings for predator boats. Detailed information continues to be difficult to extract from the angers, the most we usually get is “Yes we had a great day”! 

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