Grafham Water week ending 24 April

3 weeks ago

Fish week 531 Returns 81 Rod average 6.6 

Grafham has been fishing well over the week. The rod average has risen slightly from 5.3 last week to 6.6 this week and will probably continue to rise over the coming weeks as the trout come on to the buzzer. There have been some great fish come out this week including a Rainbow at around 7lb, a few around 5lb and some good sized Browns. 

Bank angling has been fairly challenging recently, fading at around 8am on the dam and 10am in other areas. It does, however, pick up again in the afternoon, usually after 2pm. Especially on the points along the north shore (almost as though the fish are taking shortcuts across the bays). There have been varied results using all sorts of flies, with a few reports of people catching on shrimps, and buzzers, but hares ear seems to be doing very well, especially by the Stumps. From the boats intermediate lines are working well, but otherwise it seems to be personal preference with fish not being too fussy, going for all manner of flies. The fish are spooked very easily at the moment with the water being so clear so too much movement has deterred them from taking, avoid movement where possible. Cast out and let the fish come to you. 

Grafham’s popular Tuesday Night Boat League starts 10 May.  

Fish stocked: 1,500. 

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