Grafham Water week ending 21 November

5 days ago

Fish 116 Returns 32 Rod average 3.6

Fishing at Grafham this week has followed along similar lines to last week with the trout hugging the shoreline so boat and bank tactics are very similar. 

There are times when the trout are concentrated in quite tight areas; for instance this weekend’s boat match seemed to be concentrated off the Willows at the north end of the Dam and bank anglers are getting action over short periods as a pod of fish moves down the bank. The tactics remain the same with a washing line accounting for most of the fish with a FAB on the point counting for a large number of fish (there are blooms of daphnia about) and diawl bach, hares ear or shrimp patterns down the line. 

There are also trout being taken on snakes of various colour and length. Just ring the changes until you find the right colour/length for the day. Zonkers, minkies and most fry patterns are also worth a try. 

Best areas remain the Willows, ‘G’, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point and Hedge End in any northerly winds and Perry Point, The Seat and Plummer in a southerly. 

A word of caution for bank anglers – you can only wade up to THIGH depth not up to your waist. If you are up to your waist you are probably standing where you should be casting and have just spooked all the fish around you anyway! Please also observe the winter restrictions; at this time of year the west end of the lake is out of bounds; as is Gaynes Cove. There are maps in the fishing lodge if you are unsure. 

Predator boat bookings continue to be strong with boats concentrating around the north tower area, along the pipe, at ‘G’ and the bowl of the Dam. 

Grafham Fur & Feather bank match 28 November. 
Pre-payment required for entry; £8 entry plus fishing fees £25 for non members.  Please call Grafham Lodge on 01480 810531 between 8am and 2pm to register and pay entry ahead of the date. Match times 9am to 3pm. Sign in from 8am at the lodge. Although there are no table prizes this year at Grafham, prizes up for grabs include some fantastic Christmas hampers. Anglers can also enter Shrimpmasters and fish both competitions concurrently.  

Shrimpmasters 2021 
Grafham Annual Winter Bank League 

The first match in this popular series was fished on Sunday 14 November.  The next round will be fished on Sunday 28 November and is combined with Grafham Fur & Feather. 

6 rounds in total with points awarded for each round and the winner based on the best 5 results. 

Remaining matches: November 28; December 12 and 28 and January 9 and 16. 
These dates are all Sundays with the exception of Tuesday 28 December. 
Registration will be outside the lodge between 08.00 and 08.30. There is an entry fee of £1 payable before fishing each day with optional pool £9 for each round. Fishing commences at 9am and concludes at 3pm, weighing in before 3.30pm. 

Rules are kill your first 6 trout, no catch and release or sorting, then cease fishing and weigh in. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points etc down to 8th place for  3 points. All others weighing in are awarded two points and blankers get one point for attending. On the last day a trophy and Anglian Water tackle voucher will be awarded to the overall winner based on their best five results. 

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