Grafham Water week ending 20 October

1 year ago

Fish 513 (Season 13,766) Returns 103 (3,137) Rod average 4.98 (4.3)

Grafham Water continues to fish well with high standards of fish being brought to the net. The weekly rod average stands at an impressive 4.98, with only the slightest drop from the previous two weeks.

The week started well continuing its good form; the weather being rather dreary and wet, yet those willing to pull on the extra waterproofs were rewarded. The bank anglers have noticed that the dam has slowed down as it seems the fish have moved more towards the shore, this has been evident with the increase and high amounts of fish being caught by the Willows on the north bank and the Plummers car park also below the Willows. It seems that G Buoy has slowed down yet the bigger fish have been caught there according to the reports we were receiving towards the end of the week. If you do find yourself struggling from the bank don’t overlook the harbour arms by the fishing lodge. One angler caught two 4lb Rainbows there recently.

Grafham hosted day one of the two day Fry Feeders Match on Saturday. Every boat caught fish with 12 boats reaching their 12 fish limit. Although the fishing was hard work it was very rewarding for those willing to keep moving. We would like to thank all the anglers who took part in this match and we appreciate the positive feed back.

Grafham Water is the place to be for anglers wanting to target predators. It could be the fluctuating water levels, or possibly the highest amount of fry seen for many years; there are plenty of toothy critters being caught. 33 Perch up to 4lb were caught by one angler whose long trip from Wales made it well worth it. Also the Zander have started to bite again after a slow period; the water level by the tower has risen slightly perhaps this has helped stir them into feeding?  The Pike in Grafham continue to be hard fought for, yet they are being caught regularly and good fish up to 20lb are being reported every week. Grafham Water is well worth a visit for big fish, they are certainly not easy to catch but worth the effort when you get to look a massive hard earned pike in the unblinking eye.

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