Grafham Water week ending 20 March

3 months ago

Fish week 268 Returns 69 Rod average 3.88 

Grafham Water has started to hit form this past week and many anglers have been catching their limit. The North shore is now starting to produce good bags of fish as is the south shore and the Dam.  

A lot of boat anglers have been pulling lures, blobs and fabs on a di 5 line with great success. However, the fish are now responding to buzzers as well, particularly small green and black patterns fished static to slow on a floating line not too far from the shore. Bank anglers have also been catching consistently well. One angler  caught his 8 fish limit and returned the same again while fishing a morning session at Plummers. He fished a floating line with static blood worm patterns. Many anglers have been commenting that the fish appear to be far more active now and they can be seen rising throughout the day all across the reservoir. 

The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb plus Brown. 

The Scierra pairs match on Sunday saw limits caught throughout the day. One boat was back with their 16 fish after only 90 minutes and others followed not too far behind. Black blobs and lures pulled back fast were the go to method in the morning but as the sun came up many competitors reported catching on buzzers and small nymph patterns. Most of the fish in this match have been caught at Hill Farm, the Seat and Plummers car park. A full match report will follow next week. 

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