Grafham Water week ending 2 June

3 years ago

Fish 269 (Season 5,522) Returns 65 (1,094) Rod average 4.14 (5.05)

Anglers have enjoyed another good week at Grafham with the rod average increasing to 4.14. Although this week has seen stronger winds and warm temperatures the fish have not been put off.

Many anglers are starting to find overwintered fish throughout the day, in most areas of the reservoir, although these are predominantly coaxed by a lure and more likely from the boat rather than the bank. The fish, most often, have been between 5-10 feet down and more likely caught on an intermediate, Di3’s and sink tip lines with black and green being the colour of choice for most. Blobs and boobies bright in colour, such as orange or pink, are fishing well although smaller cormorant type flies are catching fish too.

The best way to enjoy a good day’s fishing is still from the boat with many finding the better fish in open water on longer drifts, although some are still finding good bags anchored up and using buzzer on the bung. Many areas of the reservoir have fished well this week, with the best hot spots along the north dam, G marker and off of the north shore points. As previously mentioned the best lines are intermediates or Di3’s, though it’s worth changing your retrieve speed often as the fish are up and down regularly. Many are finding the fish chasing before hooking up on the hang so be aware!

Bank fishing is starting to improve with the dam, harbour arms and Marlow arm being popular, although with a few beginning to move close in, Plummer the Stumps and Willows may be worth a walk and wade over the next week or two. There are a lot of fry in some of the marginal weed so bear this in mind and bring some small fish lures for a good chance at some cracking fish.

The coming week is likely to see an increase in sport as the weather is more consistent, finding areas with a bit of wave, ripple or on the edge of the colour line will likely increase your bag. Finally, when boat fishing, we recommend trying to fish the wind lanes, a lot of feed is dragged into these areas so the trout will not be far away.


Fishing Stats

Best boat areas: Bays and points along the north shore. 80 to 100 yards off the Dam and Valley Creek to the fishing lodge in the evening.

Best bank areas: The dam into clear water or the edge of colour and the jetties.

Mid week boat winner: John Timothy.

Fish stocked: 1,500.


Forthcoming events

Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League

Open to all and a great way to enjoy the summer evenings. Boat draw approx. 5.15 with fishing commencing at 5.30pm. The evening concludes at the Wheatsheaf in Perry for a drink and sandwiches and chips.

EFFA ProAm 20 June

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 22 June

Anglian Water Airflo International – Southern Final 8 July
Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Final 22 July

Beginners courses: 31 May; 6,15,23 & 30 June;6,19 & 28 July and other dates throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 4 & 11 June; 2 & 24 July and other dates throughout the season.

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