Grafham Water week ending 2 August

1 year ago

Fish 530 Returns 120 Rod average 4.4

Grafham has fished well again this week for boat anglers but has been a bit patchy for bank anglers.

A mobile approach is needed from both bank and boat to locate the feeding fish. Anchoring and waiting for fish will probably not work or staying in one spot on the bank. Keep drifting/moving until fish are located. You may only get a couple in a spot then have to move again.

The wind and weather are also critical to your day’s fishing, with dries working on overcast days and figure of eight to pulling on the brighter, sunny days. The fish are taking dries in the mouth of Savages, along Sanctuary Bay in front of the nature reserve and in Gaynes Cove. Big reds, red or orange cdc and hoppers are all working. If it’s bright a fast glass down to a Di3 either pulled or figure of eight with a fab, booby or blob on the point and cormorant, diawl bach or mini lure up the line. On these brighter days the fish have been near the dam or down wind of the boils. Just a quick reminder – please do not anchor on or near the boils – it must be clear for any boat to drift across.

For the bank anglers a similar approach to the boat anglers depending on the weather conditions on the day. Remember to keep mobile. The dam remains the most consistent bank area with Plummers and the north shore good early and late in the day. Make sure you have some flying ant patterns in your box as it’s that time of year and if they fall on the water it can be a bonanza.

As usual we haven’t had any news from the predator anglers. However, there always seem to be predator boats in the usual noted spots; by the towers, in front of the harbour, well out, but in front of the sailing club and where Lymage Shoal is midway between the harbour and the nature reserve.

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