Grafham Water week ending 18 July

3 months ago

Rod average 3.8

Grafham continues to be a challenge with the hot sunny weather we have had this week. Boat anglers are still having the best of the action with the bank anglers struggling during the day. 
Early and late is the best time for the bank anglers with fish moving out into deeper, cooler water during the day. The evenings have seen fish rising at the south end of the dam as they slowly move in to feed. Hoppers and small nymphs, crunchers and muskins are working from both bank and boat. 

Best boat areas are out in the open water particularly between P and B buoy. Washing line seems to be the best method at the moment with a fab and small nymphs. The boils and inlet will also continue to attract feeding fish but remember not to anchor on them and to allow other anglers to drift into the killing zones. 

The Tuesday evening boat league went well with a rod average of 4 plus. 

GWFFA 40th Anniversary Day Sunday 18 July at Grafham Water 
Despite the heat and the bright unbroken sunshine 30 GWFFA members took to the water to celebrate 40 years as a club. The event was a catch and release floating line competition from 9am to 2.30pm. Despite the conditions, fish were caught and were found high up in the water column. Most anglers headed to P and B buoy.  
The method of the day was to fish a washing line with a fab on the point and two small nymphs such as a black cruncher, black diawl bachs, black muskins and good old PTN. One intrepid angler used a gold bead blue flash damsel to fish deeper and took  three fish quickly on that method.  The fish are still feeding on hatching buzzer but also daphnia. The best recorded fish was a rainbow of 3lb 2oz. 65 fish were caught with a rod average of 2.17. The top two anglers recorded 6 fish apiece with five fish going to both the third and fourth placed. The club held a BBQ after the match. A very big thanks to the AW Grafham rangers and staff who helped make the day a real success. 

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