Grafham Water week ending 16 May

4 months ago

Fish week 1,488 Returns 166 Rod average 8.9

Grafham continues to be on great form with 166 anglers catching 1,488 trout of which 1,116 were returned safely to the water and we recorded a rod average of 8.9 for the week.

Both boat and bank anglers are enjoying the tremendous sport with the boat anglers doing slightly better than the bank anglers as the fish move out during the sunnier days.

Best boat areas have been Gaynes Cove where the trout are responding to dries, particularly black hoppers or flies that resemble a Hawthorn fly with the long trailing legs as these are being blown onto the water on some days.

Orange Shipmans and big reds have also started to take fish off the surface. If the fish are not showing then a washing line with holo crunchers, red diawl back and in particular a Muskin, are taking a lot of fish from all points along the north shore. Buzzers also continue to score well either straight lined or fished under a bung. For the more energetic anglers among you, if the Boils or the inlet are on then a Di 3 down to a Di 7 pulling snakes or humungus will put a lot of bigger fish into the boat.

The predator fly fishing has started this weekend. This is a fast growing area of our sport and boat bookings are likely to continue to grow so make sure you book your boats early particularly for Saturdays and Sundays.

The bank anglers are also enjoying the great sport with similar tactics to the boat anglers. At the moment the fish want their nymphs fished dead slow to static so try to resist the urge to twiddle. Or if you’re pulling vary your retrieve a bit and leave it on the hang as lot of fish will respond to the change of speed and direction having followed your fly for some distance.

The best bank areas continue to be the harbour arms which despite taking a battering are still producing lots of fish with a sprinkling of 4 or 5 pounders. The extreme south end of the dam up to number 11 or 12 fished well and G, Deep Water Point and Hedge End continue to do well.

Keep an eye on Plummers as this will kick into life soon as anglers have reported seeing early daddy long legs coming off the grass.

Best boat areas: All points on the north shore.

Best bank areas: The dam, G, the Willows, the Seat.

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Invicta Pilgrimage 27 & 28 May
Scierra Pairs heat 30 May
Perch Mania 12 & 13 June

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