Grafham Water week ending 14 June

1 year ago

Fish 940 Returns 79 Rod average 11.8

Grafham Water has continued to provide excellent sport again this week. Lots of exciting action both from the bank and for those lucky enough to have been able to book a very much sought after boat. (Numbers are still limited due to current regulations)

Bank fishing, predominantly from the North Shore and The Dam, has produced some fantastic results. Not forgetting The Harbour Arms and The Stones at Marlow  for those who don’t wish to wade. Early morning and later in the evening is when the bank angler has ‘bagged up’ The water at Grafham is very high so there is plenty of bank available for all.
Boats have had to come further away from the shore but have continued to catch a staggering number of fish.

Due to the continued stocking programme throughout lockdown and with the water being closed, the fish have been totally undisturbed resulting in outstanding fishing. The fish have piled the weight on, having been a good size to start with and are incredibly fit and strong

The fish are high up in the water even when the sun is shining and there’s no wind.  If they are a bit finicky, put a beaded fly on the point, maybe a Damsel just to take the flies a little further down.  ‘The Washing Line’ method continues to work with blobs and Fabs for buoyancy and old favourites like Hares Ears, Crunchers, Diawl Bach’s and pheasant tails on the droppers. Don’t fish too light though, we have had many reports of double hook ups and some treble hook ups too!

Throughout June, boats need to be booked and paid for in advance. And at this stage, single occupants only, unless fishing with a member of the same household.

Come and see us soon for an unforgettable experience.

Predator fishing is also in full swing fishing for Pike and Zander with the fly. This is quite a skill to master but once you have, the rewards are fantastic.
Predator fishermen are notoriously secretive about what has been caught and where but what has been deemed is that the pike are hiding but the Zander are coming out to play.
If you feel like a change from catching quality hard fighting trout at Grafham try and catch a Zander, if you think you are good enough!!
See you all soon.

Best Rainbow: 5lb 9oz

Best Brown: 5lb

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