Grafham Water week ending 13 December

9 months ago

The fishing at Grafham has been of a very high standard since we were able to re-open in December with a rod average of 5.5 for the week. The past week we have had reports of some good fishing from the north shore.

If you are looking for some interesting traditional sport then we would suggest heading towards the Stumps or along the west side of Pylon Point, use a washing line with a fab or a booby on the point with two nymphs up the line.

The dam wall has slowed for the bank anglers in the past few days, the good sport we were enjoying in early autumn coming to a close, the fish seem to be moving to the west side.

The boat fishermen have been finding it easier off the dam fishing a little deeper and using a die 5 line with on three foot of lead, twitching floating lures just of the bottom, this has accounted for some good bags of fish. Also head to the Seat and fish close to the bank using zander and perch patterns this will bring the fish to the net.

Shrimpmasters– Grafham’s socially distanced annual winter bank league; December 20 & 27; January 3, 10 & 17 (7 Sundays, best of 5)

Register outside the lodge (socially distanced). Fishing from 9am to 3pm. Fished across 7 Sundays. Trophy awarded for the overall winner based on their best 5 days. Points awarded down to 8th place with blankers getting 1 point.

Grafham Fur & Feather 20 December.

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