Grafham Water week ending 12 September

11 months ago

Fish week 211 Returns 62 Rod average 3.4

Grafham is fishing well with a rod average of 3.4 and some quality fish. The best fish of the week was a 6lb 4oz Rainbow. Boat fishing has taken off with boats reporting 20 plus fish in a day. The aerator and the inlet in front of the sludge lagoons continue to be hotspots and plenty of fish have been taken on black lures fished on a di3. The south end of the Dam from A Buoy inwards has fished well to small nymphs and dries. Daddies are now beginning to show so expect daddy patterns to really take off in the coming days/weeks. The points and bays on the north shore seem to be holding the bigger fish and a few anglers have taken advantage of this by fishing floating snail and fry patterns. 

Bank fishing at Grafham continues to be challenging and erratic. Northerly winds have seen Deepwater Point, Pylon Point and G mark produce fish in the mornings to small nymphs fished on a washing line. In a southerly fish have been taken at Plummers to shrimp fished over the weed beds. By far the most consistent area for bank anglers continues to be the Dam with shrimp feeders now beginning to show. You can either sit low and wait for a pod to arrive in front of you or you can have a few casts and if there is no response move along 20 yards until you find some fish. Essentially this is drifting by foot and allows you to cover undisturbed water. Still try to keep low as some of the fish are very close to the bank. 

Fish stocked: 2,000. 

Predator fishing 
The Predator fishing continues to be exceptional with plenty of pike to low 20’s and lots of zander to 14lb. The best spots seem to be around the towers, particularly the north. The perch are proving to be a bit more elusive but they are still getting caught by those who find the shoals. 

A polite reminder for all anglers to keep their life jackets on whilst on the water. Several anglers have been caught removing their life jackets this week and a couple of repeat offenders had their fishing session terminated as a result. 

Forthcoming events: Perch Mania 18-19 September 

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