Grafham Water week ending 12 May

3 years ago

Fish 648 (Season 4,843) Returns 114 (845) Rod average 5.7(5.73)

Grafham Water hosted the Spring Loch Style Home International this week with most of the boats out on the water taken by the International teams practicing for the big match on Friday. Anglers were giving nothing away, understandably keeping their cards close to their chest, not wishing to give information to opposing team members with the big final at the end of the week. A lot of fish have been caught and returned on the practice days so the rod average of 5.7 is probably not a true reflection of the fishing and a rod average nearer to 7 or 8 would be more realistic. The match was fished to a three fish kill then catch and release with a weight bonus for each fish returned.

Congratulations to the England team who took top spot with 109 fish. Scotland came second with 84 fish, third place went to Wales with 78 fish and fourth to Ireland with 70 fish.

Top rod and winner of the Brown Bowl was Alan Branwell of Wales with 17 fish for 33lb 10oz. The biggest fish on the day was a fabulous rainbow of 5lb 3oz recorded by Scotland’s Kevin McCabe.

The best boat method in calm conditions has been the bung with buzzers at 11ft, 8ft and 5ft fished in the bays along the north shore taking big bags, or alternatively a very mobile approach out in the middle targeting moving fish on Diawl Bach, buzzer or crunchers with a small blob or fab on the point.

In blustery conditions the bung will still work in the sheltered areas or a Di 3,5 or 7 pulling blobs and booby blobs with nymphs or a cormorant on the droppers has also scored well. Straight line buzzer on a sink tip will also catch fished very slowly.

The bank anglers have been concentrating mostly on the Dam with early and late sessions scoring well with quieter periods in the middle of the day. The bowl section and the south end are the best option with buzzers fished straight or on the bung working well. Shrimp feeders are coming out as well:- there are fewer of them but they tend to be better fish.

Other areas worth trying are Hedge End, Deep Water Point and all the Jetties, again they are fishing best early and late in the day.

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 5lb 3oz taken by Kevin McCabe.

Best boat areas: North shore bays and out in the middle.

Best bank areas: The dam, the Jetties, Deep Water Point and G marker.

Mid week boat winner: Mark Hewitt of Oakley, Bedford.

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