Grafham Water week ending 1 August

1 year ago

Fish week 199 Returns 55 Rod average 3.6

Grafham is fishing really well with boat anglers bagging up.  We had reports of some boats landing 10 or 20 fish with a few quieter days. This pattern was also echoed by the bank anglers. Keep an eye on the prevailing wind and weather conditions this week as a guide to the best areas to fish. 

Boat anglers are reporting fish higher in the water (in the top two feet), with small dries working on less windy days with small hoppers and crippled midge taking fish. On the windier days when dries can’t be presented, then a washing line set up with booby or fab on the point and nymphs up the line are working well. Choice of nymph seems to be muskins, cruncher, diawl bach or pheasant tail all accounting for good bags of rainbows. 

If we get bright sunshine the trout will drop down in the water but good sport can be had with sparkler boobies, especially around the inlet and aerators, also sparkly tube flies fished roly poly have worked well. 

Bank fishing has been almost exclusively centred around the dam as most of the fish are feeding in open water well away from the bank. There seem to be three separate feeding spells on the dam with fish coming very early from first light until 7 or 8am, then again from 10am till about 1 or 2pm, then again in the evening until sunset. The best method is a washing line with hares ear, diawl bach and shrimp patterns all working well.  There are a lot of fry in the harbour and around the weedbeds, so fry patterns are also worth a go. 

Forthcoming events: World Predator Classic 14 & 15 August. 

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