Hollowell Reservoir Nature Reserve

With 140 acres to explore, there is lots to see at Hollowell Reservoir Nature Reserve and this is something that attracts avid birdwatchers to our reservoir.
It’s not just birdwatchers that can enjoy our wildlife though, it’s also a great opportunity for teachers and parents to educate their children on wildlife of all kinds.

Visitors will be in their element at Hollowell Reservoir Nature Reserve and no matter the season, you can see wildlife in their natural habitats.

What wildlife can I expect to see on my visit to Hollowell Reservoir?

There are a vast array of birds to watch and if you look among the grassland, you may even catch a glimpse of the mammals that make their home at the reservoir.

The birds

From the scaup to the snowy white Iceland gull, the birds at Hollowell Reservoir provide hours of entertainment and delight. Other bird species you might spot include; grey phalarope, dunlin, ringed plover as well as the yellow wagtail, northern wheatear, stonechat and rock pipit.
And, if you are lucky, you may even spot the osprey and hobby that regularly pay a visit to our waters.

The mammals

From badgers and otters to members of the weasel family, Hollowell Reservoir is the perfect place to see a whole host of mammals. You may also spot bats in the warmer months including common pipistrelle, Daubentons, noctule, brown long-eared and natterers roaming the reservoir.

Do I need a permit?

Yes. In order to protect our wildlife, we require you to have a permit to watch birds and nature and enjoy a leisurely walk through the reserve

If you want to enjoy the birdwatching or walking opportunities Hollowell Reservoir Nature Reserve offers, you can purchase a permit from the Pitsford Fishing Lodge on 01604 781350

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