Hollowell Coarse Fishing

Specimen carp, pike, tench, bream, roach and perch all swim our waters, as well as a large head of roach x bream hybrids, who all present their own unique set of challenges for coarse anglers.

So, whether you are an amateur or are a seasoned angler, Hollowell Reservoir is the perfect place to take a chair, rod and bait and while away the day fishing.

Do I need a permit to fish?

Yes, and you can purchase your season permit from Pitsford Water's Fishing Lodge.

Hollowell Fishing

How much does it cost to fish?

This depends on which season permit you opt for.

A winter season permit is available at the price of £70 (valid October 2018 - February 2019).

From 1st June 2018 the full permit will be pro-rata'ed making way for a new permit structure from 1st June 2019. The following prices apply for full permits purchased during 2018 and 2019. All full permits have a end date of 31st May 2019. Information about the new permit structure will be announced in due course.

June 2018 £130

July 2018 £120

August 2018 £110

September 2018 £100

October 2018 £90

November 2018 £80

December 2018 £70

January 2019 £60

February 2019 £50

March 2019 £50

April 2019 £50

May 2019 £50

When you purchase your permit, you will be given an access code, so you can open the gates and access the reservoir whenever you want to fish.

When can I fish?

This too depends on the season permit you buy. The winter season permit allows fishing from October to February while the full season ticket grants year-round access to the reservoir.

Lure fishing is available at Hollowell Reservoir all year round, however dead sea baits can only be used in our waters during the winter season (1 October – 28 February).

Fishing rules for our waters

Fishing rules for our waters

Hollowell Bream Fishing & Carp Stocking 2018

Hollowell Carp Stocking