10 Easy Camping Meals for the Family


Finding new recipes and cooking for the whole family is all part of the camping fun, right? All you need is a camping stove, dutch oven or grill - or even a disposable barbecue. 

Here are 10 camping recipes that are simple, delicious and campfire ready!

1. Camping Breakfast Sandwich

What better way to start a day of adventures than with a breakfast sandwich. Begin by cooking bacon or sausages (or both!). Then scramble or fry some eggs. 

Using breakfast muffins, crisp them in your pan, stove or grill and use your fillings to create the perfect camping breakfast sandwich.

Tip: if you're a vegetarian, you could also use avocado, cheese, tomatoes and peppers.


2. Breakfast Burrito

Chop up some potatoes and sausages and cook together on your stove. Scramble some eggs and heat up some tomatoes. 

Crisp a tortilla wrap and add in all of the above - add some grated cheese before you wrap up your burrito. Then, enjoy!

Tip: if you have any leftovers, make some extra burritos and wrap up tightly in tin foil to warm up later on that evening or the following day.


3. DIY Pizzas

This a great way to get the whole family involved in meal time as everybody can make their own pizza and choose their own toppings.

To do this, you will need to make a DIY pizza oven - simply use the fire pit and line the lid with tin foil, with the shiny side on the inside. 

For the pizza base, you could use real pizza dough (if you have the time), or try an easier option such as pitta breads, sandwich thins or tortilla wraps. 

Spread your pizza base with your chosen pizza sauce, top with grated cheese and place on your toppings of choice! 

Place your pizza on a wire rack on top of some more tin foil - this time with the shiny side facing down. Put the lid of the fire pit on and wait five minutes for your pizzas to cook to perfection. Voila!

Tip: season with basil and oregano.


4. Campfire Pizza Pie

An alternative to the traditional pizza. 

First, fry some mince and then remove from the stove.

Slice some brioche rolls in half and add a layer of rolls to the bottom of the stove before adding in the cooked mince. Add your pizza toppings; tomato pizza sauce, cheese, onions and chopped tomatoes before adding the final layer of rolls. 

Bake in the stove with some heat below and a lot of heat on top. You will know when it is cooked when the rolls are interlocked (and not burnt!). 

Tip: this recipe can also be done with chicken.

5. Bubble and Squeak

For a filling, healthy and hearty one-pot meal, bubble and squeak is perfect.

This recipe can be tailored to include whatever you like.

Mash some potatoes and put into a large pot or pan. Add in whatever vegetables you like - we recommend using cabbage, peas and carrots. If you are a meat-lover, then slice up some sausages and add into the pot, too. 

Add water and cover, letting it simmer until it is completely cooked - then serve and enjoy.

Tip: season with ground black pepper for extra taste.


6. Bacon and Cheese Pull Aparts

Start by frying some bacon and then once cooked, cut into smaller bite size pieces. 

Melt some butter in the pan and slice some brioche rolls in half before placing them into the melted butter. Make sure that the rolls are coated in butter and then even them out across the bottom of the pan.

Sprinkle with cheese and add in the bacon. Cover with a lid and cook for approximately 20 minutes allowing the rolls to rise. Then, pull apart! 

Tip: if you are a vegetarian, replace the bacon with red onion.


7. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are an easy yet delicious meal for campers to enjoy. This recipe can be used time and time again using a variety of different fillings. Choose from a chilli, bolognese, or tomato, mozzarella and rice.

Begin by heating your chosen filling - make sure to add plenty of garlic and herbs for extra taste!

To stuff the peppers, slit down the length of the peppers, removing the stalk and seeds.

Spoon in the fillings into both halves of each pepper and cook for 15-20 minutes until they are evenly browned  and serve. 

Tip: add a sprinkling of cheese a few minutes before they are done.


8. BBQ Chicken Skewers

Simple, yet super tasty!

Dice some chicken and marinade in bbq sauce. Chop red peppers and red onions and add to the marinade.

Place the marinated chicken onto skewers, separated by the onions and peppers. 

Cook on the barbecue or grill for 15-20 minutes, until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Tip: season with plenty of salt and pepper.


9. Campfire Potato Wedges

Wash potatoes and slice into wedges. 

Place the potatoes onto some foil (turn the corners up) and add some oil, ensuring that all potatoes are covered. Season well - we recommend using paprika or fresh basil.

Use a second sheet of foil and wrap up the potatoes before placing over a hot barbecue or grill. After 40 minutes, check the potatoes and serve once golden brown.

Tip: if you are cooking for a larger group of people, separate your potatoes into separate tin foil parcels - they will cook a lot better!


10. Toasted Marshmallows

A camping trip wouldn't be complete without toasting marshmallows.

For a fun and tasty alternative to toasted marshmallows - try cookie s'mores.

Place 8 cookies onto a sheet of tin foil and top with a marshmallow. Put them onto a wire rack and grill until the marshmallow begins to brown and melt. 

Get another 8 cookies and place them on top of the melted marshmallow cookie. 

Tip: add a dollop of hazelnut spread before placing the second cookie on top.


Those are our top ten easy but scrumptious camping meals for the entire family to enjoy and get involved with.

Campfire cooking can be just as good as homemade food - and is a lot more fun! 

Which recipe are you going to make next time you're in the great outdoors?

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