Alton Water Nature & Wildlife

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is nature and wildlife to be enjoyed. From badgers, nightingales and barn owls to butterflies and wildfowl, Alton Water is a great place to catch an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Is there a nature trail?

Yes. A three-mile nature walk has been specially designed to ensure visitors have the best opportunity to see the wildlife at Alton Water. Taking you around the nature reserve, the trail passes key wildlife hotspots including:

  • Woodland areas
  • A butterfly garden
  • A wildflower meadow
  • Ponds
  • Bird hides

When can I visit?

From 07:30-16:00 in winter and 07:30-20:00 in the summer months.

Can anyone visit the nature reserve?

Yes. Information can be found at our visitors centre.